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Brick Work Contractor Yonkers

brick contractor Yonkers
brick contractor Yonkers

Brickwork is used to build house, it’s also used to build framework of windows and doors in buildings made of other materials.
Great Roofing & General Contractor Inc. has been providing brick work contractor worker service at a very affordable and reasonable rate.
We have over 21 years of experience in brick work and we always make sure that we use the highest quality grade materials that are available when we are requested to build a brick wall. We make sure that the brick wall that we built is long lasting and durable. We employ many different types of brickwork and make sure that the finished work is according to your request
The different types of construction of brickwork that are employed are as follows:


The strength of the brickwork depends on the type of bonds used to maintain the walls. Some are decorative while others give support and strength to the brick wall. We provide brickwork for both commercial and residential areas and our craftsman make sure that the finished work is aesthetically pleasing.